Delicious, Wholesome & Honest – We chat to Rebekah from The Honest Goods Co!

Delicious, wholesome and honest.
You can expect all three when it comes to the Honest Goods Company’s products, which are sold in cafes around Perth and Fremantle.

We chat with Rebekah to find out what inspired her to get baking and what’s to come with the business!


Tell us about The Honest Goods Co –

“We’re a wholefoods company that’s about making sure there are options for all bodies and dietary preferences. In particular, we focus on gluten-free and fructose friendly options, but we also make products for people who choose to eat vegan, dairy free, nut free and totally sugar-free. We started offering a line of baked goods like Paleo Banana Bread and Paleo Pumpkin Bread for cafes, and this year we added a pure nut butter line called The Honest Pantry, which is sold through our farmers market stalls and local gourmet grocers.”

How long have you guys been operating for?

“Just on 3 and a half years. The idea was always to just start doing it and see if it would work. It did, so we’re still doing it!”

What is the idea behind The Honest Goods Co ?

“Making clean food delicious and accessible.
Years ago I would go to cafes, and the only gluten-free options on the menu were raw slices or a sad excuse for a salad. I got so bored of the limited options and so frustrated that finding clean food options for my specific diet was such hard work. I thought – “it shouldn’t be this hard!” So I really started HGC with the aim of making it easier for people to find foods they could eat, and easier for cafes to serve up more interesting options for those of us who can’t necessarily eat the standard bagel or bacon and eggs.”

How did you come up with the name?

“I was frustrated by the buzzwords slapped all over supposedly healthy products. Food labels can be confusing and misleading, and when gluten-free products are marketed as ‘healthy’ because they don’t have the gluten, but they’re full of white starch, emulsifiers, and crappy oils, then that’s just deceptive. It was about being as transparent as possible in labelling and sharing how the food is made and where ingredients come from. We probably don’t do it perfectly, but we’re definitely trying!”

How did you get started?

“The same way most small businesses get started, I guess. In the kitchen at home, baking at weird hours, squeezing it all in around work and study. I remember a few months in it outgrew the kitchen at home and then it got real because I had to take a lease on a commercial space and get my first big mixer … it was so scary!”

What is the most popular selling item?

“The Paleo Pumpkin Bread. I don’t know why; people just love it. It’s actually my personal fave as well. I love that I’m literally eating veg when I have it.”

What has worked best for you in terms of marketing?

Focussing on building relationships within the local community is core to our values. We’ve traded at farmers markets every week since we started, and that face to face connection with our locals is a big part of why we keep on doing this. We’re very lucky to have such supportive customers putting the warm fuzzy feelings back into business. We also love to support businesses and initiatives we believe in by teaming up and collaborating on events.

What are your plans for the future with the business?

“We’d like to expand the line of baked goods into a few more categories, and we’ve got some new nut butter flavours ready to launch very soon. That’s the stuff we can tell you about, the rest is still a secret!”

Who inspires you?

“Sarah Wilson for first starting I Quit Sugar and then walking away from it when it turned into a commercial beast that no longer aligned with her values. I’m very inspired by people who practice what they preach, even if it might be hard or unprofitable.”

Where can people get your products from in Fremantle?

“Our loaves are currently stocked at The Little Concept, Mostly Sometimes, Paper Cup, Oushk, Acai Bros and Me Me Joans.

You can get our Honest Pantry nut butters at Peaches, George St Merchants, The Black Truffle and Gilbert’s Fresh.”

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