The inspiration behind Latchkey Loft

We caught up with Laura from Latchkey Loft to find out what the inspiration was behind their beautiful jewellery and clothing label.

How long have you guys been operating for?

We started trading in 2015 at the Mad Hatters markets and at festivals around WA. After trading in a lot of different places we decided that we wanted something more permanent, so we set up at the Fremantle Markets.


What is the idea behind Lachtkey Loft?

The idea and inspiration for Latchkey Loft came from hunting for hidden treasures in my nans loft as a child, from all her travels across the world, finding jewellery, clothing and many other rare pieces. Latchkey Loft has now evolved to include home wares and accessories.
We (Myself and Sarah) also search high and low when we travel to find unique pieces we think our customers will love!


How did you come up with the name?

The name really came from the concept of the loft and needing a latchkey to open it, and it had a nice ring to it so we kept it!

What is the most popular selling item?

We don’t have one particular best-selling item – it tends to change a lot, but our ocean jewellery range and rattan bags are popular at the moment. All our pieces are handmade and individual, which I think is what our customer’s love; especially with the unique stones we source.


What has worked best for you in terms of marketing?

We haven’t really done much marketing – if any in the past. We’ve really just been concentrating on creating a great brand and a unique collection of clothing and jewellery. This is something we need to work on and will be doing moving forward!

What are your plans for the future with the business?

We plan to grow our online presence and have all our clothing and jewellery online too.
It’s a big task as we have a huge range, but we want to be able to provide an online shop front for our loyal global customers!


Who inspires you?

We can’t really think of one person in particular who inspires us, it’s more, travel, art, cultures, history, people and experiences.

Sarah and I design all the jewellery and clothing together, which I think is what sets us apart, its two designers collaborating to create collections. Sarah and myself have a very similar aesthetic but have different personalities, which is what makes our collections unique and inspiring to others.


What do you love most about being in Fremantle?

Fremantle has a great vibe and feeling, we get such a large amount of international customers, as well as locals who support us. Being situated in the market is great to as it has such a brilliant community!


You can visit Latchkey Loft at the Fremantle Markets from Friday – Sunday!

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