We catch up with Sarah Bell, from Stackwood!

Stackwood is an exciting creative venue and concept store in Fremantle.

The Stackwood community encompasses maker’s studios, an event space and a concept store.

We catch up with Sarah Bell, to find out how she got started, the idea behind it and what is to come!

Picture: Bo Wong – Photographer

How did Stackwood get started?

“I had a vision to have a space under one roof where people could come and make things, use their hands, learn how to grow things and cook things – a bit of a wholesome hub!

I think wholesome living is so important because I think we are all feeling a little bit lost and I think it’s because we aren’t doing those things that are intrinsic to our being.”


Do you have a specialist area?

“I don’t really have a specific area! I stepped into running my own business because I didn’t go to University, so I wanted to make a good living and I knew if I worked for someone else I wouldn’t earn the money that I wanted to earn.

I started a little shop on George Street in East Fremantle called ‘Willow and the Bowerbird’ and I was there for 7 years.  I sold a lot of hand-made local products, as I am quite passionate about supporting local makers.

I ran ‘Stackwood’ and ‘Willow and the Bowerbird’ at the same time for two years, but I have just recently sold ‘Willow and the Bowerbird’.  It was really hard running both and at times exhausting! I didn’t feel I was doing my job well in either of the spaces, being spread across both.  I am now working towards more of a balance but it is still hard to switch off.”

There are currently 9 creative businesses residing in Stackwood – How does it work for businesses?

“The businesses rent the designated spaces – they are for creative businesses. They can choose how long they rent with us the minimum is 6 months. Generally we have people who lease the spaces for about 6 months or longer. Simone from ‘Winter Wares’ has been here from the beginning!
We are selective with people coming through – because we don’t want things to over lap in businesses.  We are trying to create a mini community; we want everyone to get along and to fit in with the vibe.”


What’s a day in the life of you like?

“I guess my job is – I answer questions, I make those last decisions… I run the shop, I sweep the floors, I do emailing and bookkeeping. It’s quite interesting but I think that’s small business. Gone are the days where you put an ad in the newspaper too! Social media takes a lot of time; if you’re not doing it yourself you’re paying someone else to do it and to spend a bit of time and energy on it.”

Picture: Bo Wong – Photographer

Has social media worked best for you guys in terms of marketing then?

“Yep. Social media mainly – it’s big! We have built quite a big strong following on Instagram. That’s how we reach out when doing our own events or workshops. That’s the main place we’re advertising. A lot of our workshops sell out and get quite busy. We spend a lot of time and energy making sure our content is good and our photographs are of high quality.”

What’s next for Stackwood?

“We want to be doing more curated events – like putting on dinners and other workshops like sourdough bread making and growing your own food – things like that.

There’s more that I want to do in terms of bringing those elements in. I’m passionate about wholesome living I want to add in more talks, more foodie based workshops and more food growing workshops.”

Picture: Bo Wong – Photographer

Stackwood is located at 10 Stack Street in Fremantle and is open Tuesday- Sunday.

Picture: Bo Wong – Photographer


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