Bride’s Selection

When planning the most special of all days only the best will do.

Bride’s Selection’s online collection showcases some of the finest wedding gowns, bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses that money can buy. So it was paramount that their website looked the part.

We worked with them to make sure their online experience was the perfect fit…

Using our exclusive WordPress builder, Blox, we built a flexible, streamlined website, where updates could be made with ease by anyone in their team. Using pre-design segments, Blox lets the user construct their own pages in WordPress and add them to the existing site infrastructure without the need for extra design or development. Now the team at Bride’s Selection have complete control and flexibility of their website.

The finished article was a modern, clean and personable showcase, with fast loading images displaying their stunning gowns at their best. An elegant design worthy of that special day.

Try it on for size!

  • Web Design & Development
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